Scott Creek 4″ Aluminium Extruder

Scott Creek 4″ Aluminum Extruder

The 4″ All Aluminum “Superkleen” Extruder is our most popular model. The Aluminum barrel is removable from the backbar for easy cleaning and will not rust. Great for Porcelain and other White Clay. Includes two blank dies. Aluminum models feature removable barrels for fast cleanup. All models have removable barrel caps for quick die changes. Made in the U.S.A.

Available Accessories:
4″ Extruder Die Kits Aluminum Expansion Box.
Aluminum Die Kits.
An aluminum die kit for making slabs.
Aluminum Blank Dies .
The new Table Mount Stand.
The new Floor Mount Stand.

Prices shown here are MSRP retail; please inquire for educational & volume discounts, or promotional sale prices.

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