PC-37, Smoked Sienna


Amaco Potter’s Choice Glazes
Amaco Potter’s Choice glazes are truly one of the *favorite* lines we sell here at Stone Leaf Pottery. Designed to look similar to Cone 10 Reduction Glaze looks & affects, the Potter’s Choice line offers a broad variety of dependable, stable colors. These glazes look spectacular on white, buff, and red clay bodies.

The PC Glazes can be used alone or layered under, over, on top of, next to, other glazes in the line to create truly unique affects. Awesome!

All colors available in 16 oz pints at Stone Leaf, with popular colors stocked in gallon sizes. 25# dry pails available by special order. Prices shown here are MSRP retail; please inquire for educational & volume discounts, or promotional sale prices.