Laguna Versa5 MS-301, White Versa

Laguna Versa5 Glazes
Laguna Versa5 Glazes are an *awesome* line of vivid glazes for Laguna designed to be used in a versatile manner in your studio. These glazes can be used as a glaze or underglaze, used for majolica, AND can be blended to create unique colors.

Like the Laguna Dynasty Series glazes, MS 300, Clear Versa5 is the base for the rest of the glaze line. MS 300, Clear, can be tinted with stains or oxides to expand your personal color selection.

All Versa5 Glazes available for purchase in pints, gallons, and dry increments 1# up to full 50# bags. Stone Leaf stocks the full line in liquid pints; dry & gallons by special order. Prices shown here are retail; please inquire for educational & volume discounts or promotional sale prices

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.