brent Manual Clay Extruder

brent Manual Clay Extruder
Comes with a 3-piece die set.
The brent® manual clay extruder makes thousands of different solid or hollow shapes: tubes, bars, tiles, slabs — the possibilities are endless.

Construction is heavy-duty steel pipe with wear and stress points case hardened to withstand all production applications. The barrel is 4 inches wide and holds 10 pounds of clay. An easy-to-remove end cap holds the die you choose. Pull the handle and use the extrusion for twists and braids, moldings, handles, cups or coils.

This clay extruder comes with the hardware needed to be bolted to a wall or bench and a 3-piece plastic die set with selector. An optional stand can be purchased to attach it to the end of brent® SR-14, SR-20 and SR-36 slab rollers.

Can also be used with the optional anodized aluminum Standard Die Set or the Hollow Die Set.

Popular Additional Accessories:
$195 – Mounting Stand, compatible with brent SR-14, SR-20, and SR-36 Slab Rollers
$52 – Standard Die Set, metal
$125 – Hollow Die Set, metal

Prices shown here are MSRP retail; please inquire for educational & volume discounts, or promotional sale prices.

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