Product Specials: September 2015

stone leaf pottery september product specials 2015

Hello. September. It’s you again. lol! It’s time for back to school, new colored pencils and things to try, fall colors, and soup. “Back to school” is always time to try new things, new pencils and pens at and Stone Leaf this month we’re featuring some great new products we love and want you to love, too.

Clay of the Month: Rocky Mountain CN1.
CN1: This slightly coarse body has a firing range of ^8-10 and is excellent for both hand building and throwing. CN1 fires to a medium buff in oxidation and a warm, speckled brown in reduction with a shrinkage rate of 13% at ^10. Try one of Rocky Mountain Clay’s most popular bodies today! On sale this month for $8 per bag.

Glaze of the Month: Mayco Stoneware Glaze Pints
Mayco has this lovely line of Stoneware Glazes, designed for Cone 5. They are some of my favoritest glazes we sell, with a great variety of colors within the line. This Stoneware line ranges from translucent colors like Chambray to variated color glazes like Capri Blue to these metallic-ish brown called Copper Float. Creamy and easy to apply, these glazes are an essential component to an amazing glaze firing. Stone Leaf stocks the full line in liquid pints; dry may be purchased by special order. (Dry not on sale this month.) Mayco says these glazes will fire to Cone 10, but we haven’t had a chance to try them at Cone 10 yet.

Mayco Liquid Pints 20% off in September

Do you use SlabMats in your studio? We do. And they are awesome. We keep a couple sets by our slabroller, but also use them for mini projects. They are super easy to cut into customized sizes if you can’t find the exact size you’re looking for in their selection of 7 sizes.

Stock up on SlabMat this month, 15% off all sizes!

Mayco Designer SilkScreens are a wonderful tool to create the same shape, design, or pattern. Silkscreens are best used with an underglaze on a stable product such as Mayco’s Stroke and Coat Wonderglaze. The silkscreened shape can be used on top or underneath a glaze. In multi patterned sheets, themes include holidays, nature, and retro designs. At $18 per sheet, these Designer Silk Screens are a great addition to your work!

Enjoy Mayco Silkscreens 20% off


FREEBIE: Since it’s back to school, everybody needs new crayons. So, we are offering one free Ceraline Crayon to each customer this month, with any purchase $75 or more.


The Rules: We recently had a customer mention our grammar was incorrect on how our specials were posted. So sorry. We truly are not trying to be confusing. So here’s the skinny and please do ask if it doesn’t make sense. Or, if you’ve got mad-grammar skills let us know how to clarify ourselves.
With our Clay of the Month: each customer may purchase 100# at the special price. Please be honest and only do this one time in the month.
With other items: Our glaze line on Sale is Mayco’s Stoneware Glaze line in liquid pints, and in stock pints only. There are no Mayco Stoneware Dry Glazes on Sale this month. In stock items only also applies to the Mayco Designer Silkscreens as well.
With ALL of our monthly product specials, it’s while supplies last. Sometimes we run out. And we will not place any holds, or “next time you can do this” type of situations. The discounts we are offering are not applicable with other offers.

Products specials are valid from September 1 to September 30, 2015.

(And also, customers who bring cupcakes or donuts may get preferential treatment. Or you could bring us lattes – for preferential treatment. We love lattes.)

And really, the last thing: September 4 is Sophia’s birthday. And she’s taking the day off. But she loves presents. And pottery. So a surprise present of pottery is welcome.


Stone Leaf Pottery: more than just clay! We’ve got silk screens and ribs galore! Clays and frits and more! (Whoa, I rhymed.) Anyway. In all seriousness, Stone Leaf Pottery is your one stop clay shop in Denver for everything your pottery studio needs. We can’t wait to see you soon.