Product Specials: October 2015

Welcome to Pumpkin Spice Season… err. Fall. Welcome to fall. Besides PUMPKIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE it’s also truly fall, and I hate to comment but it feels like fall is arriving with force here in Colorado with the changing of leaves and a chill in the air.

Fall is always rich reds, golden yellows, and beautiful browns in the glaze aisle, and with it also comes darker, earthy clay bodies to throw with. This month, we have scoured our shelves for some fun customer favorites for our product specials.


Clay of the Month: Cassius Clay

From Aardvark Clay this month we are featuring Cassius Clay Body. This Cone 5 clay body is the darkest body we sell and to say it’s “dark” is an understatement. It is black; full on black.

Designed to fire to Cone 5, this clay will bloat if fired hot or fired too long… so use carefully. Cassius Clay needs extra oxygen in the bisque cycle; that’s what causes many of the firing issues. We bring in this clay when we order pallets of Coleman Cone 10 Porcelain but our customers enjoy this dark body for the rich dark look it provides. Check out our Aardvark Clay Offerings in Stone Leaf’s Clay Section.

$11 per 25# bag


Tool of the Month: Kemper Tools

Every year there are those tools that get lost or dull and need to be replaced… Kemper often falls into that category. I swear, I don’t know where my pithing needles go! Lots of Kemper Tools can be found in our Tool Section Online.

Stock up this month with your favorite Kemper tools – 25% off!


Glaze of the Month: Mayco Jungle Gems & Crystalite Glazes

Jungle Gem and Crystalite Glazes from Mayco contain small pieces of glass that burst during the firing, leaving color and intricate patterns on your ware. These glaze lines create beautiful and unique pieces each firing!

We adore how each piece will look different. Add Stroke & Coats or Foundations to create truly spectacular results. On sale in 4 oz jars Only. (Although we can order pints from the manufacturer.) For actual application, we suggest you mix well, then pour onto a plate for get even crystal application as you paint on each coat with a soft bristle brush.

Jungle Gems & Crystalites 20% off this month


Not connecting on how to apply a glaze with “bits of glass” in it? Mayco’s website has some great tips.



Planning to head out and run errands in costume on October 31? Swing by Stone Leaf in costume on Saturday, October 31 ONLY and receive a FREE 2 oz bottle of Mayco’s Stroke & Coat in Aqu-ward, SC-96.


In Other News

We’ve had a lot of customers ask about Fall Workshops at Stone Leaf, and those are available now online. This fall, we’ll be doing another “KILN TALK” session with Ingrid. Many of you asked about repeating this – thanks in HUGE part to MailChimp having some technical blip and the info being on our newsletter several months in a row. (I swear I fixed it… twice.) Anyway, Kiln Talk is on the schedule, along with a couple fun classes to get you in the fall and holiday mood.



And the other stuff

Each and every month the product specials featured at Stone Leaf are in stock items only and not combinable with other discounts, coupons, or magical codes.

We strive to order a large quantity of the sale products but sometimes they sell faster than anticipated, so shop early for best selection.

We also won’t place holds on any items for the “of the month” special AND we ask you limit yourself to 100# of clay for the Clay of the Month.


Stone Leaf Pottery offers the best selection of pottery making glazes and pottery supplies in the Denver metro area and we are thrilled you choose to shop with us!