Product Specials: May 2015

I think we’ve had winter, spring, and fall the last week or so in here in Denver… a sure sign it’s truly spring time in the Rockies!

As the weather changes, we look forward to Mother’s Day and Springtime Pottery Sales. We’ve got a few listed on our website and if you have others with a studio you’re associated with, let us know. We’d love to come by and see what you’re making, and publish the information on our site in hopes of having more sales at your sale.

Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Cone 5 Speckled Buff

Shino on speckled clay, with Mottled Blue and Chrome Green by Jeanne Peters250One of our favorite clays at Stone Leaf Pottery is Laguna’s Cone 5 Speckled Buff Clay. This clay is a warm toast reddish tan color, with large granules of manganese. This clay is part of the “Southwest” or “desert” palette of clays Laguna manufactures. With it’s low sand and grog content, this clay is fairly smooth and suitable for both handbuilding and throwing.

Photo shown here is a close up of a mug by potter Jeanne Peters, from Coyote Glaze’s Gallery. The mug features Coyote’s Shino Glaze on Speckled Buff clay.




Glaze of the Month: Amaco’s NEW Cone 5 Satin Matte Glazes

As you regular readers of our website blog know, I love glaze, and the introduction of this line makes me happy. For a long time stable, easy to use Satin Matte glazes (without color variation) have seemed somewhat elusive. Yes, we do have a few colors on the shelf – but nothing like this full line of Midfire, Cone 5/6 Satin Matte Glazes Amaco has rolled out.

And so far… HUGE THUMBS UP! The colors are consistent, great to use right out of the jar, and fire beautifully with no pesky glaze problems! We’re calling them a success. And we want you take them all home with you and go make some beautiful pots!




And About Glaze:

We have about 48 zillion pints of glaze on a MEGA-GLAZE sale in store. The list is too long to publish here but there are lowfire and midfire glazes – on a well marked cart in the store all on super-dooper-sale! Up to 40% off. Come by and see for yourself what gorgeous colors you can take home for a massive bargain.


Tool of the Month: Giffin Grips only $160!giffin grip

At Stone Leaf, we want your clay experiences – from the clay you use, to the trimming, to the firing, to the glazing to be positive and sucessful. That’s why we love the Giffin Grip for help centering and holding a pot in place while it’s being trimmed. Yep, there are many other techniques to do this, but Brian Giffin created this *amazing* tool to help make it happen, and we think everyone should have access to one.

In all the time Stone Leaf has been open, we’ve NEVER offered a Giffin Grip at such a great price… If you’ve been thinking about getting one, now is absolutely the time!

What to see how this magic device works? Check out this video!


Toy of the Month: Xiem Carving Sets 15% off

Xiem, those clever folks, make a wonderful line of carving tools. If you like to do any carved patterns on your clay, these tools are definitely worth considering. Sold in sets of 4-9 tools, these double ended tools are sharp and are weighted perfectly for your hand.

Try them out this month for 15% off retail.



The Rules:

So. The rules. We’ve found we gotta have them to prevent clay-anarchy.

First and most importantly: we do not hold, reserve, or otherwise pre-sell “of the month” items. While it’s one thing to call and make sure we have more Speckled Buff, it’s another to expect it to be there 10 days after you’ve called to check inventory. And YES, sometimes our Monthly Specials FLY off the shelves, so fast we can’t believe it. While we’d love to see your face every week in our store, we do suggest shopping at the beginning of the month for more selection. Clay of the Month is limited to 100# at the sale price, and all items are available until sold out; we do not issue rainchecks.

Stone Leaf is infatuated by the gloriousness of the products we sell, and our love is our own. No manufacturers have asked or paid us to promote their products. From Shimpo Wheels and Slab rollers to Amaco Glazes – Potter’s Choice, Satin Mattes, or Raku Glazes – it’s our choice to talk about them. We’ll see you at Stone Leaf soon!