Product Specials: March 2015

March is *supposed* to be the snowiest month here in Denver, but March makes me hope Spring is around the corner. And for me, Spring equals Spring Cleaning! In light of spring cleaning, we are cleaning out the warehouse, and have some smoking AWESOME deals for you this month.

Clay of the Month: it’s a Tid Bit Sale

We have a whole lotta miscellaneous clay in the warehouse… Tid Bits. Orders never picked up, clay ordered for workshops never all used, etc. And now’s the time to SAVE-SAVE-SAVE with these assorted Tid Bits. All Tid Bit clay on sale for only $6.50 per bag. We made of list of what we have in stock as of March 1.

Cone 5 Clays: Hawaiian Red, WS4, Greystone, Cone 5 Red B Mix, Buff Sand, Hagi, WestStone, Santa Fe, and Red Calico.

Cone 10 Clays: WS10, 49er, Soldate 30, BB Special, Death Valley, Danish, and Danish with Sand.

As usual, there will be no holds or reservations taken on Clay of the Month.

Glaze of the Month: Amaco Celadons

Last year, Amaco introduced us to their take on Celadon glazes. These beautiful translucent glazes layer beautifully with Potter’s Choice glazes, and Celadons can be mixed for custom colors, including using the C-11, Mixing Clear.

I love watching customers buy these glazes and have amazing results. I’ve noticed the C-43 Wasabi is particularly popular!

Come in & try them out in March, with 20% off all in-stock Celadon Glazes.

Toy of the Month: Xiem Rollers

Xiem rollers have been full of mispronunciation issues… it’s “SIM” – they tell us on their website.

Xiem rollers are great ways to add texture to slabs, with their roller handles it’s a great system. I love the rollers because they have a continuous pattern! Available in over 20 textures, this is an affordable way to add unique patterns to your pieces. Check out all the patterns on our Xiem webpage.

And when your item is bisqued with your Xiem texture in it, we’d suggest the Amaco Celadons as a great glaze choice to highlight your piece.

Stock Up on ALL THE PATTERNS for 20% off in March 2015!


We have some RULES.

Yep, we do have a few rules about our “of the Month” Specials.
1.) The “of the Month” Special is for in stock items only. If we are out, or sell out, that’s all we’ve got. We do our best to stock up on all sale items, but sometimes we don’t know how popular items are going to be. We do our best. We suggest you shop early in the month for the best selection.

2.) Due to the Tid Bit nature of March 2015’s Clay of the Month – there is no limit for the amount of clay purchased at the discounted price of $6.50 per bag. (Fair warning, it IS typically a 100# maximum, but not for this month.)


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