Product Specials: July 2015

Welcome to July! I always think of July as the “Month of Summer” – it’s time for fireworks, hot weather, barbecues, festivals and pottery booths, popsicles, and baseball. I’m baseball-ignorant but sitting outside drinking beer is a good, right? Anyway, in honor of summer and baseball, this month we’ve got some great Summertime DoubleHeaders with clay, glaze, and underglaze pencils for your studio!


July Clay DoubleHeader:
Your choice: $2 off any bag of Stoney White from Laguna or ALL New Mexico Clays. Stony White is a lovely Laguna Cone 10 stoneware with a white mottled look in reduction. A good throwing clay suitable for dinnerware with lower than average shrinkage.
From New Mexico Clay, we’ve recently brought in a variety of fiber and micaceous clays for earthenware and midfire, as well as a rich, creamy Chocolate Cone 5 body. It’s potter’s choice on Clay this month!

July Glaze DoubleHeader:
Your choice: 20% off ANY SHINO GLAZE from Amaco or Spectrum
Both companies have recently started to offer Midfire/Cone 5 Shinos, and they are so lovely and beautimous to work with, we just couldn’t choose which company to have on sale!!
Visit the Spectrum Shino page and the Amaco Shino page to drool over the options. We are well stocked on all liquid pints right now – so no worries, you can get them ALL!

I have to tell you all… while I was working on writing up the July specials, and getting test pots of the Amaco and Spectrum Shino glazes finished… I fell for these glazes HARD. You know when you see something, and an idea sparks? This. This is what happened. AND, both companies have come out with the best glaze names.

Amaco has taken a very traditional Japanese name approach with: Chai Gloss Shino Glaze or Chai Matte Shino Glaze, Cacao Gloss Shino Glaze and Cacao Matte Shino Glaze. They also have Acai Gloss Shino Glaze and Acai Matte Shino Glaze. I love the Oolong Gloss Shino Glaze and Oolong Matte Shino Glaze AND the Matcha Gloss Shino Glaze and Matcha Matte Shino Glaze. Try saying “Matcha Matte” a few times over!! Lastly, THey have the Hibiscus Gloss Shino Glaze and Hibsicus Matte Shino Glaze… I think I love these glazes more the more often I say their names.

From Spectrum comes: CherrySalmon Shino Glaze, Saffron Shino Glaze, and Citron Shino Glaze. Next comes the Wasabi Shino Glaze, with Blue Oyster and Ahi Shino Glazes. Plus Jalapeno Shino (it rhymes!) and Aubergine Shino Glaze and Guacamole Shino Glaze.  Yummy! Rounding out the Spectrum Shino Glazes are Miso Shino Glaze, Nutmeg Shino, and Charcoal Shino Glaze.

I cannot wait to play even more with these glazes!
Did you know you can order online at Feel free to use our online ordering system and we’ll pull the glazes for you & start your invoice to speed up your sale.

July Underglaze DoubleHeader:
Underglaze Pencils and Underglaze Crayons offer such a unique way to decorate your pieces. From creating pencil like looks, and lining your pieces, to drawing cartoons, underglaze pencils and crayons allows the user to DRAW on pieces. We love them.
This month, stock up on Ceraline Underglaze Crayons for only $5 each! Or Amaco Underglaze Pencils for $9.95.

July Toy DoubleHeader:
Since we are going with the baseball theme, it seemed impossible to skip over the 2 most important equipment pieces for a baseball game: bats and balls!!
Luckily, Stone Leaf Pottery sells these great texture spheres (aka balls) to roll into your clay AND we’ve got lots of different bats in our store for you!
Enjoy 20% off 1 or more Texture Spheres and 10% off any bat purchase (up to 6 bats.)

We hope July brings fun times with family and friends, amazingly wonderful kiln loads, and we look forward to seeing you and learning about your Shino results! Please share your glaze results with us on social media.
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The Rules:
Oh darn, I almost forgot I had to mention some rules. Clay of the Month is limited to 100# per purchase. All sales – Amaco Underglaze Pencils, Laguna Stony White Clay, Spectrum Shino Glaze, Ceraline Underglaze Crayons, New Mexico clay, and Amaco Shino Glazes are limited to in stock products only. There are no rainchecks or discounts applied to previous or future purchases. Further, these awesome sale prices are not combinable with any other discounts.


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