Product Specials: January 2015

As the new years starts, I’ll bet you’ve been curious about what’s going on at Stone Leaf Pottery, and most specifically: What’s on sale in January?

I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now to post this, because we’ve made some new changes with our Clay of the Month, Tool of the Month, and Glaze of the Month. I hope you like the changes.

Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Cone 10 Dark Brown Clay

Dark Brown is an amazing clay choice when you are looking for a deep colored body. With it’s medium coarse texture, Dark Brown is made with a 60 mesh (medium) sand. This clay will turn deep brown in reduction and brown in oxidation. Good for various techniques, including both throwing and handbuilding.

January Clay of the Month Sale Price $6.50 per 25#

Julia-Terr-GiraffeYep! Just a reminder, Clay of the Month is a limit of 100# per person, and when it’s gone… it’s gone. No holds, rain checks or any other form of “we’ll get ya later.”

Not sure you want to commit? Want to try before you buy?? Come in on Saturday, January 10 from 1 to 3 pm to sample this body on the wheel. Each potter may have up to 3# of Dark Brown clay to throw with. We’ll have ONE wheel set up with this clay for you to try. We do ask you to patiently wait if there’s a potter in front of you. This is a sample of a DARK clay body; dress accordingly and provide your own towels/lap protection if you feel you’ll need it. If you think you may want to take your sample pot home you are welcome to do so, but you ‘ll need to have your own box/packing materials/bat with you.

Love the photo of this Giraffe Pot? It’s by potter Julie Terr and we found in in Laguna’s Featured Artist Gallery, which is a great place to see wondrous pottery made with Laguna products.

Toy of the Month: Texture Spheres!

These unique texture spheres are one of a kind! Each sphere gives you unlimited control and uniqueness of design. Roll to your heart’s content. These spheres are about the size of a golf ball, and will fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Use them as as tamp, roll them straight, or in winding patters to create a unique look every time you use them. Great for kids and students with motor control disabilities. Easy to roll… easy to use. Awesome results every time!

Available in 6 textures, January 2015 Sale Price $17 each!

(normally $20 each)

To watch these texture spheres in action, and for a little more information about these texture spheres, look for our product review in early January 2015.



Glaze of the Month: Coyote Underglazes

Of course… glaze isn’t underglaze, but in 2015 we are switching things up a bit with our “glaze” of the month at Stone Leaf Pottery, and this month we thought we’d feature Coyote Underglazes. Yep, it’s an underglaze line for the midfire to highfire market only, and they are luscious.

In the last few yeas, as the midfire (or Cone 5 – Cone 6) market has gained in popularity, Coyote has been working to create glaze and underglaze products for the Cone 5 and hotter temperature range. The glazes Coyote makes are fun and playful with brilliant colors, movement, and visual interest. Their underglazes STAY TRUE to temperature at Cone 6 and hotter with no fading and we highly recommend them for the bright and bold colors you are looking for in Cone 5/6. In fact, these colors are so heavily pigmented, Coyote markets them as cone 6 to 10 underglazes.clear over underglazes, by suzanne vitti

Coyote Underglazes are sold at Stone Leaf Pottery in 4 oz jars. Pints and Gallons can be special ordered as needed. Each 4 oz jar retails from about $5.50 to $10, depending on color and chemistry of the underglaze. (Pints and Gallons are not on sale this month… we’re just letting you know… so when underglaze love sets in, you plan accordingly.)

Here’s a photo of Suzanne Vitti’s pieces featuring Coyote’s Underglazes… see how bright that RED is? For more pictures of Coyote products and for some inspiration, visit Coyote’s Gallery for loads of online inspiration.

All in stock 4 oz Coyote Underglazes 20% off in January 2015

To shop the full line of Coyote Underglazes on Stone Leaf’s Website, click here!


Aaaaah, the Rules:

Yep, it’s true we do have a few rules about our “Of the Month” product specials here at Stone Leaf Pottery. We are so glad you are driving to visit us from all points in Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, and neighboring states. Rules being rules we need to mention that these discounts cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. And it IS a limit of 100# of Clay of the Month at our amazing low price; we buy a limited amount of clay for Clay of the Month, and once it’s gone… it’s gone. As for Glazes and Tools of the Month, when they sell out, that part of the sale is over. We don’t offer rain checks for “Of the Month Specials.” Shop early for the best selection.