Product Specials: August 2015

‘Tis the back to school season, and things are hopping at Stone Leaf as we prepare for another busy school year.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m not ready for summer to end. We’ve got some great products featured this month; hopefully you’re already planning a trip or two to Stone Leaf for some new clay as you make items for fall and holiday sales.

Clay of the Month: Lowfire White Clay

Lowfire White Clays – from Laguna and Rocky Mountain Clay are absolutely a best seller here at Stone Leaf, and so commonly used in classrooms and art programs. We’ve stocked up on our moist clay for back to school, and want y’all to enjoy these clays, too. Grey in the bag and white when fired, low fire Whiteware from Laguna and CT3 from Rocky Mountain are the perfect choice for a variety of projects in or out of a classroom. On SALE this month are the smooth lowfire whites, each specially priced at: $8.75


Glaze of the Month: Mayco Underglazes

Have you tried Mayco Underglazes yet? We’ve recently added them to our inventory line at Stone Leaf, and they are flying off our selves. Packaged in 2 oz pots and 16 oz jars, these underglazes are easy to use, true to color, and most colors can be fired from the Cone 04 to Cone 10 range. Affordably priced Mayco Underglazes are a great way to dip your brush into the world of underglaze. Mayco Underglazes – pints and pots – on sale this month for 20% off retail. (Please note, this is the Mayco Underglaze line in 2 oz pots and 16 oz pints, not the Stroke and Coats in squeezey containers.)


Fun Glaze Product of the Month: Spectrum Glaze Crystals

Spectrum Glaze Crystals offer a unique way to add pops of color and texture to pieces. However, most glaze products with crystals in them are marketed for earthenware/Cone 04 to Cone 06 temperatures. These glazes can be great, but sometimes they aren’t *exactly* what I’m looking for. Enter the Spectrum Glaze Crystals. Sold in 1 oz jars, these crystals can be added into a glaze for Cone 04/06 or Cone 5 OR the crystals can be “placed” on glazed items to create a specific look.

Available in 12 colors, Spectrum Glaze crystals are available in “regular” and “reactive” colors  – which means they will look different each time they are fired, depending on the glaze or glazes you pair them with. Start playing with Spectrum Glaze Crystals this month for 20% off.


Tool of the Month: Tool Kits

In our Denver area store, we sell 3 different pottery tool kits. We know a tool kit is a great way to start a tool collection, so this month grab one (or more) tool kits for 25% off! All tool kits include a wire clay cutter, a sponge, at least two loop tools, a metal rib, wooden potter’s knife, and some may include a fettling knife. (Sale item includes full tool kits from Kemper, item PTK, ATPTK8, or ATPTK9.)


Some rules:

We need to say it every month, but our “of the Month” specials do have a few rules. Namely, you cannot combine these discounts with other discounts. Supply is limited to what’s in stock, clay is limited to 4 bags/100# per person, AND we do not do any holds on these sale items. We always say: shop early in the month for best selection!



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