Product Specials: April 2015

Hello? Spring, are you here?

Welcome to April and what’s hopefully a great Spring in Denver!
I’ve been out and about traveling – visiting both Boston and Providence at the end of March, and spring hasn’t quiet shown up in the North East yet… hopefully soon! We’ll be busy here at Stone Leaf preparing for Spring; finishing Sunfaces from our March workshop and preparing our kiln planters. Yep, kiln planters. Intrigued? Check our blog for a post on how to make your own later this month.


Clay of the Month: Laguna’s BB Special
Laguna’s custom blended BB special is a lovely cone 10 clay that performs beautifully in atmospheric firings like salt and soda. Its a lighter colored body that gets a warm, toasty look when fired in reduction. It also has a very fine texture that’s barely noticeable but helps to maintain the structure of your pots.

Glaze of the Month: Duncan’s Cover Coats
This month, we’re offering y’all Duncan’s Cover Coats as our “Glaze” of the Month, because more of you need to realize how amazing these products are!! Cover Coats are a slip based underglaze and can be used for decoration on both greenware and bisque. The entire line comes in 2 oz bottles and limited colors – the most popular ones – in pint jars. Duncan’s Cover Coats are a great product to use when you absolutely want an opaque application.

duncan cover coat
What nobody talks about when it comes to Cover Coats, is how rich and luscious they are for application. Duncan works hard to make sure that their products are velvety to apply when you brush or sponge them on. They even apply well when you use your fingertips (yep, I’ve done that.) Really, it’s like painting with gelato. Rich, velvety, delicious color.

Cover Coats come in saturated colors from reds to blues, and 10 shades of green – from a bright apple-y color to my personal favorite Kentucky BlueGrass Green. I’ve never been to Kentucky, but I’m sure that’s what BlueGrass looks like. Ingrid loves to play with these at Cone 5 and blend them for custom colors. Some of the line will take on a beautiful satin sheen when you fire ‘em up to Cone 5. But… ALWAYS test. At Cone 5, some may change color slightly and or stick to kiln shelf if you glaze the bottom of your piece.


Photo credit for this pot shown goes to Peggy Angstadt, who posted this photo of her piece on Pinterest.

Tool of the Month: Ultimate Edgers
Yep, the ULTIMATE Edger! And it is. The ultimate. This handy- dandy rib fits so nicely in the palm of your hand, and helps create texture and feet on freshly thrown bowls and mugs. I’m a fan.

Once you’ve thrown a bowl or cylinder for a mug, scootch your clay up to this firm metal rib and give the pot a whirl on your wheel while pressing the rib in to define the shape. It’s a wonderful tool for a consistent look each time you throw. You have to keep a few “secret” tricks in your bag, and this is one of ours…

The Ultimate Edger comes in 2 sizes. Medium-ish, and Large. We sell loads of both, but I’m inclined to work a bit smaller and favor the smaller size. I’ll bet you’re thinking all about how you’re going to add this Edger into your throwing party; come visit Stone Leaf Pottery soon to pick up yours!

That’s $9.55 for a smaller one (regularly $12.5) OR $11.26 for the big one (regularly $13.25)

Toy of the Month: Shimpo Banding Wheels

As I was starting to write this section, I’m thinking I’m going to need to re-name this: “Essentials of the Month”.  While it’s a complete necessity as a potter to have a kiln, and for many a wheel, a banding wheel is one of those purchases that MUST happen for a studio space that makes it all gel together.

Shimpo Banding Wheels

And if you’re going to buy a banding wheel, NOBODY beats the distinctive bright blue Shimpo banding wheel. The bright color makes you happy when the banding wheel is sitting on your shelf, and once you break out the banding wheel for use, smiles abound. These are the best constructed banding wheels with a smooth gait that spins so so so nicely. From small, tea-cup size to mega size, in both short and tall versions… no studio is complete without one!!



And a little update….
We had a super-dooper fun time giving away a BatMobile last month. Thanks to Amaco for making such an awesome thing! Even though the contest ended at the end of February, we had MANY entries resulting from the March 1st newsletter going out, and we added all those names to the box of entries.

Clearly, giving stuff away is a great way to get everyone’s attention! I’ll figure out some more stuff to give away soon.
Now for the part I have to include: We have RULES about the monthly product specials…..
It’s a real bummer we have to have rules, and we know it goes against everything we are as potters, but to alleviate potential chaos and fighting over clay and banding wheels and all the things, here are the rules:
– Clay purchases are limited to 100# per person and when the clay is SOLD OUT, it’s out. I wish we had a secret stash in the warehouse but we don’t so I’m sorry to say it, but we do sell out. Come visit us A LOT to stock up, and swinging by at the start of the month is best if you are jonesing for the BB Special. We also don’t put any “holds” on our clay of the month. So again, swing by early or bribe the Stone Leaf Staff with Starbucks, Vodka, or donuts. Show tunes performed live might work on some staff members, but not all.
Cover Coats, Ultimate Edgers, and Shimpo Banding Wheels are also in stock only. If we run out, I promise we’ll feel badly but that’s the best we can do about that.


Stone Leaf Pottery is Denver’s go to supplier for everything about clay – from kilns to glaze, to toys and tools. On our shelves customers will find products from Amaco, Coyote, Duncan, Laguna, Mayco, Spectrum and much more. Need pottery supplies anyplace in Colorado? Please stop by!!

These product specials are of our choosing and the write ups are ours, Laguna, Duncan, Ultimate Edger, and Shimpo did not ask us to write these reviews nor are they paying us to feature their products.