Product Review: Laguna’s Robin’s Egg Glaze

At a recent Stone Leaf staff meeting, we found ourselves discussing our favorite commercially manufactured glazes. Ingrid, Gita, and myself (Sophia) all choose HANDS DOWN Laguna’s MS-18, Robin’s Egg as our all time favorite glaze. (1)

Why? Because it’s freaking amazing!! And because like many people, blue is our all time favorite color. (2)


Robin’s Egg is this amazing blend of a zillion shades of blue, with tinges of green and little speckly bursts of color. We’ve glazed porcelain pots, stoneware pots, pots of brown clays, white clays, red clays and have yet to have a bad result. Come into Stone Leaf and ask – we have loads of examples with Robin’s Egg on various clay bodies, and layered under & over other glazes.

Jon Brooks, the owner of the Laguna Clay Company, tells me that the original recipe for Robin’s Egg was a Westwood Ceramics Formula, and the color has been manufactured for about 40 years. Jon also tells me it’s the addition of copper and cobalt that make the little specks we adore. Robin’s Egg is the best selling Laguna glaze after the basics of White, Clear, and Black.

Laguna's MS 18, Robin's Egg

Another great feature of Laguna’s Robin’s Egg glaze – or at least our experience with it in our Denver studio – is that it’s a semi transparent glaze but with not too much transparency. It’s “just right”. . . this glaze breaks to highlight texture but hides surface flaws.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, we recommend layering Robin’s Egg over a blue or green underglaze for additional highlights and burst of color. Robin’s Egg is also a wonderful “fix-it” glaze. As in, you’ve fired a piece, it’s come out of the glaze load but needs an umphf of something… slap some Robin’s Egg on it and refire!

Laguna makes this glaze in liquid pints, gallons, and dry powder for spraying and dipping. Dry can be purchased in weights from 1# to 50#. This glaze can run a bit but it doesn’t run away from you.  With an application that’s not too heavy handed, good results should come from your kiln. As always, we *strongly* recommend testing before you fire your favorite pieces, and using distilled water or club soda to thin glaze as needed for best results. (3)


Laguna’s Robin’s Egg Glaze, MS-18

Pint Cost: $10.50

Firing temperature: Cone 5/6


(1) For those of you in the know, this was prior to our “every staff meeting must include a discussion of socks” discussion.

(2) According to Google, 42% of all Americans, 47% of all Germans, and an average of 40% of people worldwide cite BLUE as their favorite color.

(3) Most often at Stone Leaf, our glaze items are fired in a 10 cubic foot ConeArt to Cone 5 with a hold at temperature. This typically takes 14 hours, and we don’t unload kilns until they have cooled to room temperature.