Product Review: Crack Zap It

Have you tried Crack Zap It? In a bright orange-yellow lip gloss tube, this product should be on the coffee table, night stand, and pocket of every potter!

Made locally in Colorado, Crack Zap It is made from all natural ingredients such as beeswax, olive oil, aloe vera oil and grapefruit seed extract. It helps heal dry and painful skin cracking, so often caused by spending too much time in the clay.

We first tried this product several winters ago, and started selling it at Stone Leaf Pottery in 2011. Like many potters my Mom (Ingrid) had a severe problem with the skin around her fingertips cracking, breaking, drying out and generally being painful in the winter months. Add the total dryness of living in Colorado with her love of clay… it was *bad*.

Then comes along this handy-dandy little product, and life got so much better. Mom (and I) both have stashes of this stuff in our purse, on our desk, in our night stand, by the coffee table… really, buy 4 or 5 tubes… heck, buy a dozen and give them to your potter friends as holiday gifts! I use my Crack Zap It both on my fingertips and on my feet. My *only* complaint about this product is that it doesn’t come in an industrial size stick!

And Crack Zap It isn’t just for Potters; anybody who uses their hands a lot at work, and washes them frequently will love the moisturizing but not greasy Crack Zap It! At only $3.95 a tube, it is the PERFECT holiday gift.

To order Crack Zap It with your next online order at Stone Leaf, please visit our Miscellaneous section on Stone Leaf’s website.