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The Spectrum 1100 glazes are lead free and dinnerware safe (except 1187, read below.) However, several colors are considered toxic in the liquid (unfired) sate due to the presence of heavy metals, such as copper or vanadium and are marked with a (CL) on the page.

Glazes labelled with the (CL) are not suitable for use by young children or pregnant women. Additionally, Spectrum 1187, Clear Crackle is not considered dinnerware safe due to the possibility of bacteria growth in the crackles.

Stone Leaf Pottery stocks all Spectrum 1100 Glazes in liquid pints, and a selection of colors in gallons. All colors are available in liquid pints and gallons, as well as 10# dry. Most gallons and all dry glazes are considered special orders.

Prices shown here are retail. Please inquire about educational & volume discounts as well as promotional sale prices.