Pottery In Bali

One of the tenants I know to be true about the pottery world is that it is full of creative people, most of whom have another love in their lives beyond clay. Our community are potters as well as photographers, knitters, singers, painters, athletes, travelers, and film makers.

For those of you new to this connection in our community, it’s noteworthy to discuss the Giffin family (Brain Giffin of Giffin Grip and his family) and their love of filmmaking, skiing, and travel. Zack Giffin first talked with me about the Giffin film making passion during a dinner at NCECA in Milwaukee. Zack and his brothers Sam and Jeff, started many years ago making short films like “Downhill Affair: A love story”. Zack has brought his real life into TV staring on FYI’s Tiny House Nation.

In recent years, I’ve learned more about the Giffin Family’s film passion as I’ve chatted with Sam. Sam and his brothers have a great website, Right on Brother that hosts many of their gorgeous films, predominantly featuring the Giffin family’s love of cold weather and skiing.

Recently, Sam brought his enthusiasm for pottery, travel, and film making together into a stunning short film of Pottery in Bali. Please enjoy watching.

~ Sophia