Play With Mayco Silk Screens

Have you been curious about playing with Silk Screens? Perhaps you’ve seen items at pottery sales or you’ve noticed the ads Mayco has published in a trade magazine and have been curious about silk screens. If so, Play With Mayco Silk Screens is your perfect opportunity to experiment.

Silk screens offer a fantastic way to achieve precise detail on your ceramic pieces, using the same design over & over. Come check out the fabulous silk screens that Mayco just released in this class with Gita.

Play with Mayco Silk Screens

Saturday, October 18 from 10-12, $20

Class participants will be able to experiment with six sheets of designs and learn how to create different effects with the screen sin conjunction with other Mayco products. Add new dimension to your work with this fun new project!

We’ll provide screens, underglaze, and media to apply the silk screens as well as two 4×4 tiles for playing. Participants may also bring texture free bisque (low to mid-fire) to use the stencils with. Stencils apply best to a smooth surface, so if you choose to bring your own pieces, keep that in mind.


To sign up for this class or any other class at Stone Leaf Pottery, please call 303-463-8081. Stone Leaf Pottery is a complete pottery supply company, selling everything from clay to glaze to sieves and raw materials. We’ve been open for 15 years, and have full teaching studio, and we are proud to say we use what we sell. Come check us out!