Pinterest: Texture Heaven

It’s no secret I’m a huge pinner on Pinterest. If you follow Stone Leaf’s account you’ve probably noticed a flurry of pins each week. Pinning is a relaxing activity for me as I zone out in the evenings or when I happen to be on the phone, stuck on endless hold.

My recent most favoritest topic to look up on Pinterest is textures being created in clay without a tool purchased at a pottery supplier. A simple Pinterest search of “clay texture” and “texture pottery” yields more ideas than I can list here. My favorites are the use of every day items such as pens, noodles, church keys, bottle caps, golf balls, butter knives, bubble wrap, lace, produce, and leaves.

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye! Follow me down the rabbit hole of Pinterest by following our Texture Board.

pinterest texture favorites


Creation of this board came from a customer in Stone Leaf’s store talking about how they had “discovered” the idea of rolling lace into clay for texture. Now, this idea isn’t new to me, or the clay world… you might have done it, or seen a piece made with this technique. But I was glad for my customer to be able to gain ideas and inspiration from Pinterest.

Happy Pinning Y’all. And if you don’t already, be sure to follow Stone Leaf Pottery’s Pinterest.
~ Sophia