Open House Thank Yous

Open House Thank You!

As May comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our Open House event on May 7th. The event was such an incredible success and we are still so overwhelmed by all of the support we were shown that day. It is truly an honor to have such a loyal patron base, and we appreciate that you trust us to be your local pottery and ceramic material supplier.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the students, teachers, artists, makers, family members, and local businesses that came – we couldn’t have done it without you. We would also like to thank our staff and volunteers, who put in countless extra hours that day and in the weeks leading up to the open house, making sure that everything looked great, went smoothly, and that all of our related customer orders had been attended to.

Very special, specific thanks are owed to all of the demonstrating artists and manufacturers that came out to share their skills and advice with us all. In no specific order, these wonderful people are: Kevin from Amaco, Anne from Gleco Trap, Laura and Keith from Mayco, Jared from Peter Pugger, Karen from Shimpo, Jim from Skutt Kilns, Peri Charlifu, Jennifer Rudkin, Marie Gibbons, Cris Conklin, Rita Vali, Mike Rand, and the anonymous hero from Biker Jim’s who made sure we were all well-fed!

We loved having the opportunity to provide a platform for some extra information and face-to-face interaction to be shared between our manufacturers and the creatives who use their products. We also hope that connections were made between our demo artists and other ceramic artists in the Denver area – these connections are what builds the ceramic community and culture in the place that we love!

The whole team here at Stone Leaf Pottery feels very fortunate to have such a vast support network – if it wasn’t obvious to us before, it certainly is now! We look forward to future Open Houses at Stone Leaf… perhaps to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 3 years.

We welcome and would appreciate any and all commentary or critique on the event, so that we can make the next one even bigger and better!

And again, thank YOU!

Ingrid, Sophia, & Bob King
And the entire Stone Leaf Crew: Blayne, Mark, Kylle, Mae, Taylor, Steve, Sharon, Wendy, Olga, Lori, Kelly, Peri, Race, Gabe, Faatma, Peggy, and Courtney