Oh, Pinterest

Don’t you just love sitting with your iPhone, iPad, laptop and pinning for hours? I do. Pinterest is my favorite place to find recipes, beauty tips, organizational ideas, humor, and of course, POTTERY.

Like many, when I first heard of and saw Pinterest, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Pinning is now my favorite “while I’m watching tv” and “when I’m waiting” activity. (As in, waiting at the doctor’s office.)

I love that I can view funny pictures, fantasize about amazing travel destinations, see cute holiday decorating ideas, have a laugh, and view pottery all in one place. The boards created make finding those things easy when I’m ready for the project, holiday, or recipe. Of course, I find I need to create and re-organize my boards as well; that’s it’s own fun – reviewing what I had previously pinned.

How do you use Pinterest?

I have 6 boards that are related to pottery/and Stone Leaf that you may enjoy following.

Stone Leaf's Pinterest Boards
Pinterest Board Screen


Ideas & Inspiration: finished pieces and pottery projects we’d like to try at Stone Leaf, and ultimately teach to our students.

Stone Leaf Pottery: fresh from our kilns, this board features finished items made by our students or staff at our studio.

Great Pots: Pottery worth drooling over.

Form: Amazing ceramic shapes.

Great Glaze: Is exactly that. Glazes, combinations,colors, effects & patterns I love. And wish I could create myself.

Covet: A mish-mash board of things I wish I owned… including amazing pottery from Kristen Kiefer, Steven Hill, and Linda Arbuckle. Of course,this board includes other coveted items, like a Porsche, a Tiffany engagement ring, and a Yellow Submarine Tea infuser.

Do you pin? Are we following you? Are you following us? Find us at Sophia StoneLeafPottery on Pinterest.


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