Odds & Ends Clay Sale

With the start of the new year, Ripley and Amber have done some serious organizing of the clay warehouse, and have unearthed some clay mysteries. Our goal this year is to organize, clean, and purge as needed in preparation for our move. (I swear, we are making progress on our building renovation – FINALLY – after so many unexpected delays.)

Here’s what we’ve found and prices:

$5 per bag
Aardvark DIXON, Cone 5
Laguna Red, EM207 – Cone 04/06
Rocky Mountain Clay DoverSand, Cone 8/10
Rocky Mountain Clay Zam, Cone 8/10
$7.50 per bag
Laguna EM214, Cone 04/06
Laguna WC423, Cone 5
Laguna Danish, WC841- Cone 10
Laguna Weststone II, WC864 – Cone 5
Laguna B Mix with Paper & Grog, WC886 – Cone 10
Laguna B Mix Red with Grog, WC891- Cone 10
Laguna Refractory Body, WC895 – Cone 10
New Mexico Clay, Sheepdog Fiber Clay – Cone
New Mexico Clay, Magic Fiber Clay – Cone 5/6
New Mexico Clay, Marilyn’s Bod – Cone 5/6
PORCELAINS $8 per bag
Aardvark Nara Porcelain, Cone 10
Aardvark Nara Porcelain, Cone 5
Just a couple notes:
– Some of this clay is OLD. It may be very firm in the bag and require finessing to prepare the clay for use.
– Clay is in limited supply; some clays listed here we only have 25# in stock.
– There are no refunds or holds on these clays.
– There is no limit on the volume of clay purchased per person.
Happy Potting,