October 2016 Products Specials

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season… or fall as we call it here at Stone Leaf. As the beautiful Colorado aspens are turning to the colors of fall, spooktacular savings have arrived at Stone Leaf to celebrate October. This month, jump into the dark… with dark black clay!

Clay of the Month:
In October we are featuring two very very dark (almost black) clay bodies straight out of LA – Aardvark’s Cone 10 Black Mountain and Cone 5 Cassius Clay. These two bodies are the deepest and richest of chocolate shades. Yummy! Great for handbuilding and throwing, these two bodies will be sure to make your glazes stun!

Enjoy Cassius Cone 5 Clay for $11.25 per bag and/or Black Mountain Cone 10 Clay for only $8 per bag

Tool of the Month:
Need to take care of some business this month? We know where the bodies are buried… and Stone Leaf is here to help by offering a 20% discount this month on Mudtool’s do-all, chatter, and tongue tool. Perfect for murder – murdering that pumpkin carving, we mean!!

Bats are flying off the shelves and over the night sky at Stone Leaf this month, with 10% off any in stock bat purchase. Limit 6.

Glaze of the Month:
Need to glaze some pieces? Enjoy 20% off any black glaze this month. Want the 20% – glaze color must have the name “black” in it. This sale is limited to GLAZE only, and does include Amaco’s Obsidian Celadon. Limit 6 pints per person, please.

** Stone Leaf Pottery is not responsible for any tummy aches from eating tootsie rolls at our front counter. **

Rules of the Month:
As always, sales are limited to in stock items only and will not be combined with other discounts or product specials. Clay sale price is up to 100# total of the clay(s) of the month; limit 3 Mudtools and 6 pints of glaze, and limit of 6 bats. No holds or special orders included.