October 2014 Newsletter Redux

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Here are the highlights and product specials of what’s happening at Stone Leaf Pottery in October 2014.


On sale, clay-wise, we’re giving you Aardvark’s Cone 5 Cassius Basaltic Clay: October Clay of the Month

This clay is a deep midfire/Cone 5 clay body that is a great choice for a very, very dark black ebony-like clay. Just know, this clay needs a LOT of oxygen when firing, especially bisque. We’ve also had reports of bloating if you fire it hot; above Cone 5. Be gentle! The color is amazing glazed or unglazed. Sale price this month is $8.75 per bag… but come in SOON; when it’s gone, it’s gone!


Glaze of the Month: Spectrum Lowfire Metallics

Spectrum has this lovely new line of low fire metallics… and seriously? They are awesome!! Save 20% on them in October 2014.

Fresh off the production line, and new on our shelves, we can’t WAIT for you to enjoy these glazes. Ranging from super shiney metal to more matte, these glazes offer great choices when you are looking for a metallic effect!

In order as shown: Golden Halo – Moonlight – Green Mirror – Wrought Iron – Brushed Bronze – Green Patina. All colors retail for $18/liquid pint.


Toy of the Month: Catalyst Ribs

Every once and a while, we see a new product that really sparks our creativity for clay and we felt this way when we saw the Catalyst Tools. They don’t look like the “typical” rib you would use in clay… they are bigger, the texture is stronger and they intrigued us from the start.

Catalyst ribs are sold to be used with many mediusm (clay, acrylic, cake frosting) and we love the results we’ve gotten from clay. I’ll need to take some home to try the frosting effects! The wedges and ribs offer larger surfaces great for plates, platters, low bowls, and larger mug/cylinder shapes. Retail prices are $5.99 to $10.99 – on sale in October 2014 for 25%.


Both Clay, Glaze, and Tool of the Month have limited quantities, and sale items are limited to in stock supply. Maximum 100# clay purchase per customer.


Electric Kiln Workshop

Saturday, October 25 from 9 to 4

If your kiln freaks you out, if you feel like you aren’t sure whatr it’s doing or why, if you have a love/fear relationship with your kiln or panic anytime something goes wrong… please join us on Saturday, October 25 for our How to Fire Your Electric Kiln Workshop.

We know firing a kiln can be scary, and kiln manuals – while helpful – don’t tell you everything you need to know. This class is designed to quell your fears.


Workshop: SPOTLIGHT on Play with Mayco Silk Screens

Saturday, October 18 from 10 to 12

Silk screens offer a fantastic way to achieve precise detail on your ceramic pieces. Come check out the fabulous silk screens that Mayco just released in this class with Gita!

Participants will be able to experiment with six sheets of designs and learn how to create different effects with screens in conjunction with other Mayco products. Add new dimension to your work with Mayco Silk Screens. We’ll provide screens, underglaze, and media as well as two 4×4 tiles. Feel free to bring your own bisque.


Snow Policy Winter 2014

Winter is coming and for convenience, Stone Leaf follows Jefferson County Schools Snow Plan. If Jeffco Schools are closed or have a late start, expect us to do the same.

For students, we’ll make a decision for classes by 8 am on Sundays, 4 pm for week night classes, and 11 am on Wednesday for the afternoon class.

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