November Product Specials

Wow! It’s already November and I can’t believe this year is flying by so quickly. End of the year means get togethers and delicious dinners with friends and family as we hunker down for the coming cold months. What do you have planned for your holiday season? As November starts, we are packing up everything to haul up the mountain for the Colorado Art Education Association conference happening November 8-10. We are so excited to catch up with all of our art educator friends in Breckenridge!

A couple of quick announcements and reminders:

With the end of the year quickly approaching, this means we will be ordering our last Laguna truck of the season. If you would like to have your items from Laguna by the early part of January, the deadline for having your order in is Saturday, December 8th. So definitely plan ahead and the sooner the better for us to receive your orders.

OH! If you’ve stopped by Stone Leaf’s website recently, you probably noticed the store is taking a vacation. We’re updating a slew of info – new product images, updated product descriptions, etc… don’t worry – the *online* store will be back soon!! In the meantime, you can order anything you need by email.

The holiday season is upon us which means…. INVENTORY!!! – for us here at Stone Leaf. It’s a long-lasting tradition that during our Thanksgiving closure, we like to catch up on inventory while lounging in our favorite snuggly pajamas. In previous years we’ve been open parts of the week but this year we decided to give our employees a little extra time off – so Stone Leaf will be CLOSED the entire week of Thanksgiving. Please make arrangements and plan accordingly. No one likes running out of their favorite glaze or clay.

Clay of the Month: Laguna’s Big White $11 per bag
It’s been a little while since we’ve had a ^10 clay on special, but don’t worry all you high fire  people, we haven’t forgotten about you. Big White is a grey/white body that contains heavy grog and sand, 30-60 mesh to be exact, which makes it structurally wonderful for large pieces. Fantastic for sculptural work and if you’re in need of some serious exfoliation, it lends itself well to large thrown pieces. It can be fired in oxidation, reduction and is also recommended for raku.

Glaze of the Month: Mayco’s Stroke N’ Coat 20% off all sizes
We just love this line of Wonderglazes from Mayco! They are heavily pigmented which means they have an extremely wide firing range. Some colors even go to ^10, like the Hot Tamale which looks beautiful in atmospheric firings. They are brilliantly stable so you never have to worry about them running off of your pieces and are a mixable color palette to you can create new custom colors. They pair perfectly with our tool of the month!

Tool of the Month: Mayco’s Designer Silkscreens Buy One Get One 40% 0ff
These silkscreens are amazing and with over 50 different design sheets, there are endless possibilities for accenting your ceramic work. They are simple to use and can be combined with lots of different products for incredible results. We’ve got a giant wall filled with them so come on down and snag some because this is an awesome deal. Don’t forget to pick up a jar of the silkscreen medium for 10% off!

There is a lot happening this month at Stone Leaf and we look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces.


Mark Your Calendars: Stone Leaf’s Year End Closure is Sunday, December 22 through Tuesday, January 1. We’ll be open & resuming our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 3.

Fall Holiday Sales: Sophia is working on the Fall Holiday Sales website post – if you have an upcoming sale, please email her the details at: – she’ll be updating this post several times, so email the details when you can!

Hangout With Us:

House Rules for “of the Month Items” and other product specials at Stone Leaf Pottery: All Clay of the Month purchases are limited to 100# per person. There are no holds on this clay. Sale price is valid only in November 2018 and not combinable with other discounts. Its not uncommon for us to run out of the Clay of the Month, so we always suggest you shop early to ensure the clay is in stock. When purchasing Glaze or Tool of the Month, again, it’s limited to products on hand. If we don’t have it when you shop, it’s not on sale. We replenish our shelves constantly – we encourage frequent visits to Stone Leaf. Got more questions about how this works? Please, please reach out to us! Or check our blog at for further details.