November 2016 Product Specials

Hello hello and welcome to November, and all the product specials we have for you. This month, I thought I’d do a survey of all of our staff’s favorite items to share with you. The Stone Leaf staff has picked items from clay to glaze and a few tools in the middle to share with you.

So here they are, Stone Leaf’s staff picks of Favorite Items.


WC 394, SB Red for Cone 5 On Sale for Only $9.50 per 25#

Taylor says try her favorite colored clay and use Laguna’s SB or Santa Barbara Red. It is a beautiful rich and earthy red color when fired in oxidation and a chocolatey color in reduction. With a semi smooth body from both sand and grog, this clay is wonderful for both handbuilding and throwing. Limit 100# at the discounted rate.

As many of you may have noticed through the years, Stone Leaf’s founder and Studio Manager, Ingrid, is a glaze afficianado. When I asked her to recommend ONE favorite glaze this month, she sent me FOUR!! Lol.

Since Ingrid is a huge fan of decorating her pieces with underglaze (especially Duncan EZ Strokes and Amaco Velvet Underglazes) I thought I’d tell you about her favorite Clear Glaze, Amaco’s HF9, Zinc Free Clear.

This clear glaze from Amaco, formulated for Cone 5 applies quickly and easily with perfect coverage every time. This clear is formulated without zinc, allowing underglazes – from greens to those finicky brilliant colors like red and purple – to stay bright and true. ** Regularly priced at $12.40 per pint, enjoy it this month for only $9.92.** We’re sure this clear will become a staple in your studio. Limit 3 in stock pints of Amaco Zinc Free Clear, HF 9.

Have you tried the Mayco Stencils Yet? – if not, you should give them a try… because Sarah said so!! Mayco offers a variety of stencils great for printing the same motif over and over again on your ware. Easy to use with a huge array of designs, pick them up this month for $4! Limit 3 in stock Mayco Stencils.

Bats! Tis the season for bats, and Sharon can’t get enough of the Rocky Mountain Wonderbats in her studio. Made of a recycled composite material, these bats don’t warp as fast as traditional Masonite bats. The drop in set of 6 bats is a big seller around here, great for making smaller size items and saving on shelf space this month. Buy the adapter bat for only $18.58 or a set of 6 drop ins for $16.43 in November. Limit 3 of both or either Wonderbat adapter bats or drop in packs.

Are you a fan of draping your clay to make bowls and plates? If you are, or you’ve been thinking about it… I can’t tell you enough wonderful things about the GR Pottery forms on the shelves at Stone Leaf. GR Pottery forms are simple and easy to use drape molds for round, square, rectangle, or oval items. I’m starting quite a collection in my studio – I can’t have just one!! Limit 6 GR Pottery forms at 20% off this month.

Happy Potting!


We’re looking forward to you – our local Denver area potter – stopping into Stone Leaf Pottery this month. Featuring our staff favorites in pottery glaze, clay, tools and more this month we relish the opportunity to tell you what we love the best – since we use what we sell everyday!

As always, our monthly product specials do come with a few restrictions – each item’s quantity restriction is listed with info about the product on sale. Additionally, limit one discount per item, not combinable with other discounts, previous sales, and sale items are in stock only.