New Stoneware Glaze from Mayco!

Hurray! Praise the glaze chemists at Mayco – they’ve just added fun and awesome and “I can’t wait to use them” new glazes to their Stoneware line!!

The Mayco Stoneware line has been on Stone Leaf’s shelves for a few years now, and we’d strongly recommend you give them a try. Check out the full line by clicking through here.

This line, with over 50 colors, offers everything from simple clear glaze to deep purples, textured blues, matte colors, and glazes that provide depth and visual interest. Ranging in modest price to from $10.95 to $14.25 per liquid pint, popular colors can be ordered in larger amounts and dry. AND these glazes have a range from Cone 5 to Cone 10 – so give them a try at a hotter cone!

Our favorites – so far – are Capri Blue and Tiger’s Eye.

Adding to the line, Mayco has just release 16 new colors. These new colors include a zinc-free clear, several matte colors, and a patina copper color that I may glaze everything with.



Here’s the full lineup:

Top Row: Zinc Free Clear, White Crackle, Celadon Bloom, and Olive Float.

Row Two: Blue Splatterware, Indigo Rain, Shipwreck, and Winter Wood

Row Three: Galaxy, Lilac Matte, Blue Matte, and Chartreuse Matte

Bottom Row: Yellow Matte, Pink Matte, Red Matte, and Satin Patina