New Spectrum Metallic Low Fire Glazes

We got this email a couple weeks ago… and franky, it was a bit boastful… those Canadians had been cooking something up in the lab. But honestly? We LOVE teasers about new glaze colors, and Spectrum has long since been working on metallic glazes. We couldn’t WAIT to get our greedy little paws on them.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we get a lovely package in the mail from Spectrum.

Oh my goodness… they sent samples. Frantic glazing ensued. mae_spectrum_metallics



We had great results out of the kiln. Several clay bodies and firing schedules were tried; great glaze was had by all!!

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve gotten confirmation from Spectrum that the new lowfire metallic glazes were ready; they even had a contest to name them… but they didn’t like our suggestions. Faery Dust? Doubloon? Seemed like good glaze names to us!

Stone Leaf has placed it’s first order for the new Spectrum Low Fire Metallics and we’ll have them on the shelves right away.

The new colors are: Golden Halo, Moonlight, Green Mirror, Wrought Iron, Brushed Bronze, and Green Patina. Each color retails for $18/pint.

At Stone Leaf, we like Spectrum Glazes. They are fantastic! And they didn’t even ask us to say that! Seriously though, Spectrum Glazes are amazing and at Stone Leaf we sell the low fire 900 series in pints and the Cone 5/6 1100s lines. We also sell the new Cone 5/6 Celadons and a few other Spectrum products. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll order it for you. Come by our Denver Area Pottery Supply and teaching studio to check us out.