New Products: L&L’s New Bell Lift Kiln


We got an email from L&L Kilns yesterday about an exciting new product they are introducing; I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

L&L is introducing a new Bell-Lift option for any of it’s 28″ diameter kilns that are either 27″ or 36″ inches high. This option is available with either a manual or electric winch.

Check out this out!


L&L’s Bell Lift design will allow you to lift the entire kiln up and down so you can load directly onto the base of the kiln – it’ll save you back strain and make loading large work and sculptural pieces a breeze. The Bell-Lift system is made of powder coated welded steel and will ship easily. Additional kiln cost is $975, with an electric hoist additional option for $750.

Stone Leaf has been a retailer of L&L kilns for many years. Our L&L has been fired hundreds of times, producing wonderful student pieces during it’s lifetime and it’s still going strong. Stone Leaf is your rocky mountain retailer of clay, glaze, kilns, equipment and pottery wheels with the happiest & friendliest staff this side of the continental divide!

For information on this, or any other L&L Kiln, please send us an email at: sophia(at)stoneleafpottery(dot)com.