New Products: Amaco Potter’s Choice Colors

If you attended NCECA in Pittsburgh back in March, you may have stopped by the amacobrent booth. And while there, you may have gotten a sneak peak at the NEW Potter’s Choice glazes Amaco has in production to bring to us. Lemme just tell you (wink, wink) we are beyond excited!!

Just to travel back a wee bit, the Amaco Potter’s Choice line is without a doubt one of the very bestest Cone 5/6 glaze lines out there.

I’m glad you asked WHY, because I’m going to tell you my favorite reasons:
Great range of colors.
Predictable and consistent results.
Easy to use.
Available in pints, liquid gallons, and (most) colors in dry 25# buckets.
Colors look spectacular on a variety of clay bodies.
Beautiful as one color or when layered with multiple colors in the line.

So, yep. It’s the shitz. I digress from the new colors of the Amaco Potter’s Choice line.

Coming soon to Stone Leaf’s Glaze shelves near you:

Top Row:
PC05 – Weathered Silver
PC24 – Sapphire Float
PC38 – Iron Yellow

Bottom Row:
PC56 – Ancient Copper
PC63 – Cosmic Tea
PC64 – Adventurine

Amaco Potter's Choice New Colors


We can’t wait!! Amaco has not given an “official” release date yet… but as soon as we know, we’ll be letting you know.

Happy Glazing!

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This post is about: ceramic pottery glaze, Amaco Potter’s Choice Glaze, Stone Leaf Pottery glaze selection, stable Cone 5 glaze. This post is written due to a significant love of Amaco Potter’s Choice Glazes. It is in no way sponsored by amacobrent.