NEW PRODUCTS: Amaco Celadon Glazes

Amaco has just released 17 new Cone 5/6 Celadon Glazes and they have arrived at Stone Leaf Pottery. Can we get a WOO HOO???

Amaco has new glaze! Amaco has new glaze! Can you tell we are excited at Stone Leaf??

We are so excited anytime one of our manufacturers comes out with new glazes, but these new Celadons from Amaco look like so much fun to play with. When we got the news and started to see the sneak peeks of the colors, we immediately started plotting. Where would we put them on our shelves? How many do we want to try for ourselves? The answer to that being obvious: ALL OF THEM!!

Then we got even more info from Amaco… 17 Celadons: perfect for all types of techniques including water etching, slip trailing, and carving. These glazes are going to highlight texture beautifully.

All 17 colors are lead free, food safe, and can be used for dinnerware. Further they can be layered or MIXED to create a color unique to your studio.

Currently all 17 colors are available in liquid pints and retail for $10.95 each.

Why are we so excited? Stone Leaf has a full teaching studio with 5 classes per week. We are potters selling supplies for potters. We LOVE to create with the glazes we sell and we enjoy the quality glazes Amaco produces. Whether it’s a Laguna Clay, a new pottery wheel for your private studio or classroom, or a new kiln perfect for your needs we have hands on experience with the products we sell. It’s why Stone Leaf is the best supplier in the Rocky Mountain Region!

To view all of the glazes in Amaco’s New Celadon Line, click this link!