NEW PRODUCTS: 10 New Mayco Stoneware Glazes

Yay!! We’ve been in love with Mayco’s Stoneware Glaze line since we started painting those colors onto our pints! It was with great excitement that we read Mayco’s introducing 10 new colors.


These new colors are ready to ship NOW from Mayco and we’ll have them on our shelves as soon as possible.

This is what Mayco had to say about the new colors: The new glaze additions are 4 variegating stoneware glazes and 6 translucent Ice glazes. Many of the colors are bright and vibrant, which artists are appreciating. And I’m loving the new glaze names… who doesn’t want to fire a “lemon meringue” coffee mug or a “creamsicle” salad bowl??

Here are colors, item codes, and prices:

New Mayco Stonewares 1/15

We love to glaze with new stuff… and we can’t wait for these to arrive.If you are interested in more fun with Mayco Stoneware Glazes & Washes, you may want to consider checking out our Play With Mayco Cone 5 Glazes & Washes class on Saturday, February 28.

At Stone Leaf, we have a full teaching studio in addition to our supply sales. We’ll be glazing test tiles both on our handmade pots AND on Mayco bisque so we have larger fired examples for you to see and hold the next time you come in to Stone Leaf Pottery to shop.

See you soon!