New Product: Laguna Dry Lake Glazes

When Mom and I were at Laguna in January, we got a sneak peek at some of the new glazes Laguna was unveiling at NCECA this year. It’s been a bit of a dry spell at Laguna for new glazes so we were excited at the prospect of new glazes from them. And they are Cone 5 – our all time favorite temperature!

Laguna’s Dry Lake Glazes are just now starting to show up online, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting this since getting a sneak peek in January. The Dry Lake Glazes are essentially a deep, deep cracking glaze… but not like anything we’ve seen before. These glazes are strong with the cracking and truly opaque colors. They work when mixed with each other, applied over a variety of products, and the more coats you put on, the deeper the textural element! In all the test samples we saw, no pot had issues with the depth or color of the crack, nor did any of the glaze pop off the pot (a problem I’ve seen in the past.)

These Dry Lake Glazes are completely matte. I’ll be trying these products under and over some glossy products as soon as I can get my hands on a jar.

Laguna is starting with 9 Dry Lake Colors – maybe they’ll add more as y’all fall in love with these unique glazes. Currently glazes are being packaged in liquid pints and gallons.

The colors in the Laguna Dry Lake Glaze line are:

DL-100, Fossil White
DL-101, Teton Teal
DL-102, Metamorphic Blue
DL-104, Glacier Ice Light Blue
DL-105, Black Ore
DL-108, Lava Lake Red
DL-109, Hoo Doo Orange
DL-110, Sulfur Vent Yellow
DL-111, Open Meadow Green

These glazes are so new we don’t even have them on the shelves yet! Stay tuned!

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