New Mexico Clay: Bringing the Sparkle

New Mexico Clay has some great clay options with additions of fiber, nylon, and mica for sparkly-ness and structure for attachments . Stone Leaf is happy to announce that we have them in our warehouse now.


We’ve recently added 5 new clays in our warehouse from New Mexico Clay, based on popular demand and inquiries from our customers.


Sheepdog (lowfire white) and Magic (midfire white body) are clays with with a fiber/nylon additive. Nylon adds serious strength to the clay without the common rotting problems paperclay has. You can attach wet to dry clay and the clay will not crack or rot.

Micaceous clay is not only beautiful to look at because of all the sparkly glitter, but it has amazing properties that very few other clays have. When fired to the correct temperature, micaceous clay can be used to cook on open flames like your oven top. This is possible because it does not expand or contract when exposed to direct heat. Available in both a golden red/terra cotta and white.

The Mica Red clay is similar to Native American Pottery sold in the Southwest United States and ingredients for this body are mined in New Mexico. Both the Mica Red and Mica White can be glazed if bisqued to Cone 04. Both bodies are designed to be used from Cone 018 to Cone 04.

Chocolate is a brand new body from New Mexico Clay. Its a smooth brown clay that fires a luscious dark baker’s chocolate in oxidation. Recommended for Cone 4 to 5. Gita says it’s luscious to work with… I see her making a lot of chocolate pots in the future!

All clay bodies are sold in 25# bags; prices start at $9.65 per bag. To locate all the New Mexico Clays on our website, check out this section (INSERT PAGE LINK HERE).

** As New Mexico Clays are new, we’ve only worked out pricing for single bags and 100# combined prices. If you need a large quantity of any of these clays, please ask for a price. **
Stone Leaf Pottery is your Denver & Rocky Mountain area destination for pottery clay, including amazing clays by New Mexico Clay as well as Aardvark Clay, Laguna Clay, and Rocky Mountain Clay. We love playing in the clay and nothing makes us happier than talking about our clay-passion.

And, as always, as much as we adore Brant and his clays, New Mexico Clay did not pay for, encourage, or in any way sponsor this post.