New Mayco Kiln Wash

New! Mayco Kiln Wash

Mayco recently introduced it’s kiln wash to the marketplace, and since doing so, customers have had a few questions about this product.Here’s some answers from Mayco:

Mayco’s Kiln wash comes in liquid wide mouth pints. (Only available size, currently.) The label’s “Tips for Use” suggests to apply Kiln Wash to both sides of a kiln shelf and then flip on alternate firings. Although most Kiln Wash products on the market peel and crack, then flake and fall onto glaze-ware during firing, Mayco Kiln Wash is very different.

Unlike typical kiln wash, Mayco’s recipe does not crack or peel off, even after multiple firings. Mayco Kiln Wash is also excellent for fixing dings and divots on kiln shelves, acting as a patching agent. It has a broad firing range and works for glass, soda, and wood kiln firings. Applying Mayco Kiln Wash to other kiln furniture and stilts will prevent glaze from fusing to the surface.

Stone Leaf has not yet used the Mayco kiln wash… we’d love to hear your experiences with this product. A shipment is arriving with this kiln wash soon and we can’t wait to try it out.

That being said, the uniqueness and non-traditional use is causing a little confusion! Mayco wanted to offer a bit more information, we we’ve got the label directions printed below.

Available Sizes in wide-mouth pint jar (only).


  • Shake or stir well.
  • Thin with water if needed.
  • Prior to applying, wipe the kiln shelf with a damp sponge to remove dust.
  • Brush two to three uniform coats to kiln shelf, allowing Kiln Wash to semi-dry between coats.
  • Not recommend for use with conventionally formulated kiln washes.
  • Remove conventionally formulated kiln washes prior to application of Mayco Kiln Wash.

Tips for Use

  • Repairs damaged shelves – divots and dings can be repaired using multiple layers of Mayco Kiln Wash.

Can be used on posts for wood, soda and salt firings.