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As you may have read, we love our ConeArt Kiln here at Stone Leaf Pottery.  As Colorado’s longest operating clay supplier and selling pottery kilns in Denver, we like to have one of everything we sell.

Right around 2 weeks after our ConeArt kiln arrived last winter, Mum came to me with a serious “problem” with the kiln: the peep hole plugs were boring.

All of the other kilns Mum has in the Stone Leaf teaching studio, have a hand-made peep with decorative flowers, people, animals, etc. The bottom peep of each kiln has the year & city the kiln was purchased in. The problem with ConeArt peeps? They are metal tabs secured onto the kiln – great little addition to a ConeArt – but it’s no handmade, decorative peep.

ConeArt peep with copper leaf on it for Stone Leaf's first ConeArt
ConeArt peep with copper leaf on it for Stone Leaf’s first ConeArt

I knew I had to rectify the situation, or I’d be hearing about the problem for years. Of course, the design was easy. We are Stone LEAF Pottery!

I called Michael Leonard, of ConeArt Kilns, to enlist his help. I explained my whacky request, I imagine he rolled his eyes, and then pitched in to help. Maintaining the covert necessity of my plan, he sent the extra peeps to my house.

Somewhere in here I chatted with Dave Sturm about metal, and how hot those peeps would get – and what metal to use on the peeps – brass, copper, steel, etc. Then I pulled the template we used for our Stone Leaf tattoos for the design.

Next, I enlisted the help of my good friend, Dan, who welds in his spare time. Right? Great to have a friend who welds recreationally. Dan’s wife, Syndee, played a big part too, sending me a dozen or so different pictures discussing angles, ripples in the metal, and size of the leaves.

I headed to THE MALL & had one peep engraved – city & date – and the perfect birthday gift came together!!

Then, I called my Dad. “Hey, you’re going to have to swap out the peeps on the ConeArt for Mum’s birthday gift!” Turns out, Mark, our warehouse manager stepped up & put them on today.

I love it when a plan comes together! Big thanks to Michael, Aimee, Dan, Dave, and Syndee for the peep-cover espionage.

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way. All words and photos are mine.


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