NCECA Anticipation

My morning started with a darling friend sending me an email about NCECA and when was I free to meet? We are trying to plan a lunch, some cocktails, or something! I have to figure it out fast – my NCECA schedule fills quickly.

Mom and I are heading to Wisconsin in just 2 short months and the anticipation is building. For me, this NCECA is going to be a blast on so many levels. Mom & I will be spending a few days in Milwaukee prior to the conference to be with family… then the clay craziness starts.

What are you looking forward to most?

Mom has for YEARS been waxing poetic about decorative toilettes, so we’ll be making a day trip to the Kohler Museum. We are also looking forward to some great dinners, and a trip to Waterford Wine Company, my cousin Ben’s place.

What does NCECA mean to you? I am so blessed to have made wonderful friends through the year in this community. NCECA is a big family reunion for me.

See you there!