Naming Your Kiln

cute pottery kiln cartoon

Does your kiln have a name? Our 6 working kilns all have names here at Stone Leaf.

Somewhere along the line, we decided to name our kilns at Stone Leaf. We have six kilns, and with several staff members that load and unload them, and it seems easier and more fun that they all have names.

Vivian is our elderly 7 cubic foot Duncan – from back in the day (early 1980s when Duncan made kilns.) Vivian runs like a top & with our regular maintenance, she works great! We purchased Vivian from Nick, our dog groomer, prior to his Mom, Vivian, moving into an assisted living facility.

We have 2 Skutt Kilns, a 7 a cubic foot 1027 and a 10 cubic foot 1227. We purchased the 1027 first, then added the 1227. When we got the 1027, in our tradition of naming kilns… I’ll admit we were stumped. Then we added the 1227 and it became crucial to get these kilns named. We could no longer say “get the Skutt unloaded today.” Lucikly, Mae suggested Batman & Robin just in the nick of time, and now we have no Skutt kiln confusion. Of course, one of these days we’ll likely add a third Skutt to the mix… maybe we’ll call her BatGirl?

Our L&L Kiln hangs out with the moniker “Larry”. Not really sure why we are calling him Larry, but we like the alliteration of Larry the L&L.

Lastly, the first kiln when you enter our firing area is our 10 cubic foot ConeArt (model BX2827). This kiln was SO PROBLEMATIC to name! Once we installed it and started to fire it, Mom kept saying “it’s such a GREAT kiln.” So, I suggested we call it Wayne or Gretzky (since ConeArt Kilns are manufactured in Toronto, Ontario – also the home of Wayne Gretzky AND since Gretzky is referred to as “the Great One” it seemed like a great idea to me.) Plus, we already have Batman and we all know Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne. All the connections seemed solid to me.

Unfortunately, Mom’s not the hockey fan I am, and try as I might… she said NO. Another suggestion for the ConeArt was Frank, after Frank Tucker, the owner of ConeArt kilns… but I thought that sounded weird. (I’m gonna go fire up Frank!) I think we’ve settled on Brulee. A little bit French (it is a Canadian kiln after all), and warm and toasty. We like it.

As a side note, as Mom was reading this post before I published it; she finally made all the Batman/Bruce Wayne/ Wayne Gretzky connections and is now amending the ConeArt’s name to be Wayne Brulee.

Lastly, I have a small, baby ConeArt in my office I use for smaller pieces, jewelry and test tiles… (This kiln is amazing. It’s half a cubic foot and fires to Cone 10 on a regular 120 plug!) Anyway… it’s so small I call it My Baby Kiln.

I’ve heard many customers have names for their kilns. I’ll never forget the first time I heard my friend Carol refer to her Skutt 1227 kiln as Bubba! Which I adore for a kiln name. How about you? What do you call your kilns?



Stone Leaf Pottery sells everything your Denver area pottery studio needs. From moist clay to pints of glazes to raw materials, mason stains, and tools, we’ve got you covered. We also sell pottery kilns from Amaco, Skutt, ConeArt, and L&L, kiln name not included.