Mixed Clay Sale!

mix color clay sale slider image

During each year, Stone Leaf uses some colored clays – tans, browns, and reds in workshops and for special projects. Then, once an year we mix them all together and have a great MIXED CLAY SALE!

Now’s the time for our mixed clay sale. We have a few hundred pounds of a mixed colored clay, ready for sale.

All the clay is recycled from Cone 5 and Cone 10 bodies mixed together. We are certain this mixed colored clay will fire to Cone 5. Color may vary from bag to bag. At these great low prices, we do not offer any guarantee for color, texture, or exact cone maturation.

Prices are:

$6.50 a bag – customer fills bag – about 25# lbs of clay.

$13 per bucket – customer fills bucket – about 50# of clay.

We will supply bags, and have limited free buckets to give away.

** While supplies last**


We’ve got clay! Stone Leaf sells fabulous moist and dry pottery clays from Laguna Clay Company, Aardvark Clay, Rocky Mountain Clay, and New Mexico Clay. Our Annual Mixed Clay Sale is a one time deal each summer, with a unique clay made; it’s perfect for a variety of projects and places!