Meet Kylle

We love all our employees at Stone Leaf Pottery! We are going to feature some of them here on our blog, and let you get to know how great they are too!




It all goes back to my true love. Playing in the mud. My most joyful childhood memory is of mud pie and my best friend Dotty Dog. I use to play out in the front yard making mud pies to sell to the cars that where driving by. Fast forward to about eight years ago when I signed up for a pottery class here at Stone Leaf Pottery. I quickly rekindled my love for clay that goes back to a time without beginning. I started helping to pug the studio clay and have been able to work my way up to independently running all the clay recycling, to teaching on Tuesday nights and working part-time in the store. I am so appreciative to be here at Stone Leaf and feel great about the work we do.


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