Meet Gita

We are so unbelievably blessed at Stone Leaf to have Gita Cornell as our store manager. She has been with us for years, starting as a high school intern and steadily moving up the ranks at Stone Leaf. She has taught classes, pugged clay, can drive the forklift, and is now, mostly commonly seen in our store.



In addition to working at Stone Leaf, Gita is a college student at Metro and has this to say about her time at Stone Leaf and her art:

I grew up with many artistic influences in my life so naturally I was destined to always be involved in one way or another. I found my love for clay about ten years ago in a beginners ceramics class my freshman year of high school and I haven’t left the studio since. Throwing functional stoneware forms on the wheel is what I do most but I enjoy all aspects of clay such as tile work, sculpture and experimenting with decorative techniques. I feel that learning about every aspect of art is imperative to grow as an artist. With this idea I experiment with all types of mediums including collage, drawing, painting, mixed media, digital art and ink. The skull and crossbones plays a large role in the design of many of my pieces due to my affinity for Dia de Los Muertos calaveras and hispanic culture. I have been working at Stone Leaf Pottery for almost 9 year and I love it. I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing community of artists and am grateful for all of my experiences here.



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