Mayco Silkscreens: flowers, animals, monograms, and more!

Due to popular demand, Mayco Colors has released 6 new themes in their Designer Silkscreens line of products! We absolutely love Mayco products and are elated that these additional themes have been specifically created to meet customer requests.

The new themes include:

“Faceted Designs” – A geometric interpretation of various figures, animals, and objects. These illustrations are very on design trend and should definitely create some Pinterest worthy results. Item MADSS-134

“Reptiles” – These textbook-style illustrations are sure to bring some scaled creatures to life on your ceramic pieces. Item MADSS-135

“Zoo Animals” – Lions, tigers and bears… as well as some other well known zoo life can now be used in your studio for some wild results. Item MADSS-136

“Cutesy Animals” – A similar take on the “Zoo Animals” screens, with a cartoonist’s twist. Who knew pottery could be so adorable? Item MADSS-137

“Flowers 2” – A great variety of flower illustrations and floral designs means that you can pick just the right one for your next clay piece. MADSS-138

“Monograms” – The full Roman alphabet is now available in an all uppercase script. Use just one as an accent or symbol, or a combination to spell out a message! Item MADSS-139


Quite a few of these designs are ones that we have heard our own Stone Leaf Pottery customers inquire about, so we are very excited to make them available to you on our shelves this March.

At, $18 they are a total steal and made to last for a very long time. Stone Leaf has the full line of Mayco Silkscreens available to view online.

To use, simply blend a little silk screen media with your glaze or underglaze product of choice (we strongly recommend Mayco’s Stroke and Coats) and then use a soft rib, like a polymer Mudtool. Mayco has great directions online, here.