Mayco Raku Glazes

Mayco Raku Glazes are a great choice for your next raku firing. Sold in Stone Leaf’s Arvada store, we have the full line of these colors available in liquid pints. Each color in the line retails for $11.85; educational and volume discounts available and check our monthly news letter for product specials.

What’s amazing about the Mayco Raku glazes is that they will display a variety of iridescent, metallic, and crackle surfaces with each firing. In Stone Leaf’s store we have a fired chip chart so you can see each of these colors even better.

To apply:

– Give the glaze an excellent stirring up, the paint on 2 coats of the color to a piece of bisque that has been fired to Cone 04. Mayco’s bisque works wonderfully for Raku!

– REMEMBER: Do not glaze the bottom of your ware.

– Allow the glaze to dry thoroughly before you fire it.

Mayco’s suggested firing to to fire to Cone 06 with a 5 minute hold at temperature; then use your combustable of choice.


Some Tips for Positive Results:

– thinner coats of glad will produce greater metallic effects

– a body designed for good thermal shock will help reduce the likelihood of cracking. To see Stone Leaf’s selection of Raku Clays, click here.

– fired results will vary, so anticipate that. Your choice of clay, glaze application, firing schedule and combustable will all create unique differences from piece to piece.



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