May the Fourth One Day Sale

Hey All! Here we are cruising into May, and this year, we are SO LUCKY that May the 4th lands on a Friday. Star Wars at my house? What you may not know about me, is that I’m a huge StarWars fan and I subscribe to the life-plan of “if it’s on, I must watch”… which lost me a day back at Christmas during a Star Wars Marathon on TBS. I know! I know! What does StarWars have to do with pottery? Well, not much other than my obsession with it… and an opportunity for a one-day sale at Stone Leaf.

Celebrate Star Wars Day, Friday, May the 4th with 10% off all items sold at Stone Leaf Pottery with 4 in the item code.

WC422, Whitestone = ON SALE!
SC-74, Mayco Hot Tamale = ON SALE!
DPT 345, Dolan Tool = ON SALE!


Head out and celebrate if you must – go on over to the Curtis Hotel for the “May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Party”. Love it. Here’s details for ArtWar.




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Come visit us:


A couple little rules: limited to items on hand. Maximum discount applies towards 100# of clay, 6 pints of glaze or 6 tools or bats, etc. Raw Materials/dry chemicals (like MSD-4, Forest Green) are also on sale for a maximum discount on 10# of material. Does not include kilns, wheels, pug mills, and other equipment type items. Does not apply towards service items like workshops or equipment set up. Not combinable for other discounts or with other discounts. Not redeemable for cash, offer only valid for in-store purchases from 9 am to 4 pm on Friday, May 4, 2018 Mountain Standard Time. The secret password is “Obi-Wan.”