May Newsletter

Spring is in full blown swing in Colorado. I’ve definitely emerged from hibernation mode and the dark confines of my apartment. This means birds chirping, the beginnings of our gardens growing and quite possibly another blizzard (although here’s hoping not!)… we all know how the weather functions in our beloved state by now.

This month holds a dear spot in our hearts because on Memorial Day twenty years ago, Sophia and Ingrid opened Stone Leaf Pottery. Having been a potter for decades, Ingrid felt it would be a fantastic idea to combine her passion for clay with the business side of life. She required supplies for her studio practice anyways so why not just have a store? We plan on celebrating the whole month of May with lots of product and swag giveaways! Make sure to stop in for the festivities. Next year Stone Leaf turns the legal age of 21, and we plan on having a blowout celebration for that, so stay tuned!

To potters warmer weather means playing with fire in the great outdoors! Raku season is upon us, and we want to foster the joy of playing with clay outside. That’s why this month, we’ve put much of what you need to get going with raku on special. We love to see what everyone is creating, so if you have a piece that you are proud to send us a pic!

New product alert!!! Spectrum just released some brand new, spectacular glazes and we finally received our shipment. It is their take on floating glazes, and they are out on our shelves, ready for your pots. We are in the midst of getting test pots made, but they did send a lovely chip chart so you can bask in the glaze glory. We love new stuff!

Clay: Laguna’s Soldate 60 $9.75 per bag

This ^ ten clay from Laguna contains a medium-mesh sand and has beautiful throwing properties. I personally love working with Soldate for many reasons, but I particularly admire the flexibility this body. It looks gorgeous in ^10 atmospheric, and alternatively, it makes for a fantastic raku body. Many potters use this clay exclusively for their raku firings and wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out what all the fuss is about!

Glaze: All In Stock Raku Glazes 20% off

Once you’ve gotten all of your raku pieces created and through the bisque firing, you’ll need some brilliant glazes to go with it. That’s why we’ve decided to put every single in stock raku glaze on special. This means if it says raku on it, whether it’s liquid or dry, it’s on SALE! Maybe now is the time to try something new that you usually wouldn’t splurge on.

Tools: All Kemper Tools 20% off

We thought that people might need raku tongs for their firing adventures, then we decided why not put the whole tool line on special?? The entire line from Kemper is on special this month, so stock up on your favorite trimming, sculpting and carving tools.

As always, thank you for your patronage and happy potting!