May 2016 Product Specials

This May is a big month for us at Stone Leaf! We are kicking it off with our Open House on Saturday, May 7th from 9am – 4pm, and keeping the fun going all throughout the month with some stellar extra discounts on top of our normal monthly specials. There are so many sale items in May, that instead of including them in this post, there is a separate post dedicated just for bonus items this month! .

Now, to stick with tradition, lets get on with the roll call of monthly specials for May:

Clays of the Month
To emphasize how BIG our SPECIALS are this month, we’ve temporarily cut the price on Laguna’s BIG WHITE and BB SPECIAL clay bodies.

Big White: If you want to throw big, you want Big White. This clay’s coarse texture will help you to push the limits on size, while offering a super light fired color in both oxidation and reduction – a great clean surface for those super vibrant cone 10 glazes. Pick some up this month for $9 per 25 lb bag (limit 100 lbs).

BB Special: To appeal to your sensitive side, the texture in this clay body is so fine that you will barely notice it. While it is gentle on your hands, BB Special is still strong enough to stand up to some serious manipulation. Fired in cone 10 reduction, the clay body is a warm, toasty color. Invite some in to your studio this May for $6.00 per 25 lb bag (limit 100 lbs).

Glaze of the Month
To pair with our cone 10 clay sale, this month we’re offering a 20% discount on all Mayco Stoneware glaze pints. The Mayco Stoneware glaze line is formulated to fire beautifully from cone 5 to cone 10. We love that Mayco offers a cone 10 option for liquid glazes, as that is hard to come by – and they just do it so well! Take up to 6 pints home for the sale price.

Tool AND Toy of the Month
If you haven’t already seen our blog post about GR Pottery Forms, you absolutely need to check them out! The forms are a new product to the Stone Leaf store this month, and we are very excited about them! Mostly, we are happy to see our customers so excited about them! The GR Pottery Forms have already been very popular, so we are offering 20% off on up to 6 forms to encourage YOU to try them too. Fun and functional!

Unfortunately, we can’t have TOO much fun without a few rules: As always, no holds, orders, or rain checks on monthly special items. Sale price is limited to 100 lbs of each special clay body. Sale price can be applied on up to six GR Pottery Forms and six Mayco Stoneware glaze pints – any amount exceeding six will be regular price.

Stone Leaf is proud to be your local clay and glaze supplier in Denver. We appreciate every time you choose us when purchasing your pottery materials, and we look forward to seeing and celebrating all of our customers at our Open House on Saturday, May 7th from 9am – 4pm!