Maximizing Our Mondays

Have you ever wondered what goes on Mondays at Stone Leaf? Why are we closed? There is so much to get done, it’s great to have a “weekday” to make things happen!


On Mondays, we try to do as much of the behind the scenes stuff as we can get done. Most often, we try to have our Laguna Clay trucks arrive Monday, since they can block our parking lot. Staff works on getting raw materials weighed out, inventory checked in, unpacked, and put on the shelves, orders pulled for the coming week’s freight shipments and deliveries, as well as getting new product ordered and deep cleaning.

Oh the cleaning! We are lucking to have some amazing help with the cleaning at Stone Leaf – this business is so dusty! Stone Leaf prides itself on being a pretty clean place for a pottery supplier, but it takes a lot of man and woman hours to make that happen.

Other Monday activities include: clearing hold orders not picked up off the shelves and put away, computer maintenance, and then we party. Every week. (No not really, but it sounds more fun than what our Mondays usually entail.)

There are usually 3 or 4 Stone Leaf employees, plus Ingrid and Sophia at Stone Leaf Pottery on Mondays. We can sometimes arrange pick-ups on Mondays by appointments for your convenience. However, Mondays is also the day our IT person comes by, so sometimes the computers aren’t available to ring up sales tickets.

Stone Leaf Pottery, located in Arvada – just minutes from Downtown Denver – is the best place to buy pottery supplies in Colorado. From Amaco Glazes and Underglazes to Dolan Tools, our shelves offer all the supplies every potter needs. Our warehouses are full of moist clay – packed in 25 bags – ready to take home. See you soon!