March News Redux

March has arrived!
Just a few days until we all meet in Milwaukee to party our booties off and see some amazing pottery.
For me, NCECA is like a big family reunion, with just a bit of work involved. This year, Ingrid & Sophia are heading to Milwaukee early to spend some time with family; Gita will join us later in the week.
Will we see you there?
For all of us at Stone Leaf,
Sophia, Ingrid, Bob, Blayne, Gita, Mark, Kylle, Sharon, Salim, Mae, & the dogs Riley & Aster

Clay of the Month: Laguna Liquid Slip 
10% all instock slip
 Stone Leaf sells 7 types of Laguna liquid slip in one gallon and 5 gallon pails. This month, we thought we’d switch it up, and offer a discount on these slips. It’s the first time we’ve ever had them on sale; so enjoy.
Limit 3 gallons or 1- 5 gallon pail per purchase; limited to slip on hand only.
To find out what we stock, and prices for those slips, click here.


Glaze of the Month – Midfire

Cone 5/6 Amaco Art Deco Green
We’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all month long with our favorite green glazes. Check out Amaco’s Art Deco Green this month… we love the metallic sheen of green on this great glaze. Art Deco Green is from the a Potter’s Choice Glaze line at Amaco. For more interesting variations of the color, try it on a buff or red body, or layer it with other Potter’s Choice glazes.
SAVE 20% ON ART DECO GREEN  $11 per pint


Glaze of the Month – Lowfire
Cone 04/06 Amaco Moss Green

For those of you playing with low fire glazes, we’ve got the always awesome Moss Green on sale from Amaco’s Opalescence low fire line this month too! The “O” Glazes from Amaco look great on both lowfire red and white bodies. Shown here, the right side of the tile is lowfire red, the left side lowfire white.
SAVE 20% ON MOSS GREEN $11.60 per pint
Toy of the Month

MKM Wooden Pottery Tools
We love playing with all the fun textured stamps & rollers from MKM Pottery Tools. This month you can play more with 15% off the purchase of MKM Pottery tools, limit 6 tools per person.
Our favorite is the 4″ roller with leaves on it! Big surprise, right?
15% off in stock MKM Pottery Tools in March

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