March 2018 Product Specials

Here’s looking at you March. Shamrocks, leprechauns, and NCECA… mischief abounds while clay is thrown around? I’m not sure about that, I might have a case of the cheesies.

At any rate, Kylle and I (Sophia) are busy getting prepped for NCECA. It was an all hands on deck situation cutting SlabMat for NCECA – Chris, Mom (Ingrid), Alyssa, Olga, Kylle, my Aunt Kim, Carol, Wendy, and Gita (yep, her!)

got all the SlabMat cut and prepped and shipping off to Pittsburgh this week. I’ll be heading out a few days early to catch up with family before the fun of NCECA begins.

This month, we’ve got some great clay & other items on sale for you. So, without further ado…………..


Rocky Mountain Clay’s BMX. This smooth and creamy midfire stoneware (Cone 5 to 7) is sure to fit your needs, especially for throwing (although I have customers tell me it’s great for handbuilding too.) This rich body offers little texture and may need to be babied – just a teensy bit when fired. Try it out this month for $10.75 per bag.


Now’s the time to Celadon IT UP!!! Amaco just released 8 new colors in it’s midfire celadon line and we want you to all come rushing over to try out the new colors. Or stock up on your celadon favorites. New colors are Glacier, Downpour, Deep Sea, Tangelo, Poppy, Ochre, Smoke, and Charcoal. You can check out the Amaco Celadons.

Buy 2 pints or more and save 15%


Silkscreens are the best way to be able to repeat a pattern over again on a piece. You can use underglaze like Mayco’s Stroke and Coat OR the Fundamentals Underglaze. Just mix a bit of media into them and apply them. In fact, Mayco’s got a whole YouTube video on how to do it. Watch Mayco’s Silk Screen Video with the amazing and beautiful Pauline!! 🙂 Mayco just released six new screens: Princess and Unicorns, Islands, Sea Life, Flowers, Far East, Horses, and Day of the Dead.

Buy 2 silk screens or more and save 15%


This year, NCECA is bringing us all to Pittsburgh, PA! Kylle and I (Sophia) will be gone for a whole week. We’ll be at booth #210 giving away SlabMat samples. It’s Kylle’s first time, so we hope to get out and see some shows and give Kylle some time to enjoy the conference. Taylor even said she’d hang out at the booth for a while. We love seeing former Stone Leaf employees… maybe we can lure her back?

Slider photo is the City of Pittsburgh.

Because Kylle and I will be gone, please be patient when calling in, emailing, or stopping by Stone Leaf. NCECA usually falls during some Denver area school breaks, but we’re bound to be crazy busy during the week. Thanks in advance for your patience.


… of the Month
Yep… we have to have the rules. Clay of the Month is in stock clay only, no holds or special orders for the Clay of the Month. Limit is 100# purchased at this discounted price.There are no holds, please wait, I was abducted by aliens delays. There are also no “but can I apply the discount to this other clay” type of situations.

Feel free to call in or email an order and send a friend to pick up supplies for you. We’ll be here.


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