March 2017 Product Specials

This month is blowing in with a little storm and some cooler weather; it almost feels like winter.

March is our annual “clean out the warehouse month” and the timing is right to clear out dibs and dabs of assorted items from our warehouse AND the store.

In case you haven’t heard, I say the “timing is right” because Stone Leaf will be moving into an exciting new location at the end of the summer. We’re pretty close to being able to announce the big surprise. . . but we are waiting until papers are signed. Hopefully the announcement will be in the April newsletter!

Clay of the Month:
Enjoy small quantities of many clays this month, at the clearance reduced price of $5 per bag – all clearance clays. We have some miscellaneous clays that were orders never picked up, or clays that have lost popularity. This clay will change in volume and inventory through the month, and we do recommend shopping early in the month for the best selection.

Some Clays on the Dibs & Dabs Sale List:
WC842 Danish w/Sand ^10
WC390 Red Sculpture ^5
WC838 Kai Porcelain ^10
RMC Willow Earthenware ^06
RMC 48S Stoneware^10
RMC P60 Porcelain ^10
RMC Jiki Porcelain ^10
NMC Magic Fiber Clay ^6 

Glaze of the Month:
Again with the clearance theme! All pints of clearance glaze are just $5 this month; see glazes with red and green markings.

Further, all Duncan 2 oz Concepts and 1 oz EZ Strokes are on sale this month for $2 each.

Duncan Concepts are “Underglaze for Bisque” and can be used at a variety of temperatures for lovely underglaze effects. Regularly priced at $3.65

Duncan EZ Strokes are translucent underglazes which can be used on bisque or greenware from Cone 04 to Cone 10. Regularly priced at $3.75.

Other Sale Items:
Ingrid found a secret stash of cut refractory pieces she has been hoarding as glaze catch plates; she’s willing to part with some and we’ll get those put out for sale too!

And Xiem, roll through the month with a variety of Xiem products including rollers, loop tools, alphabet stamps, and wire cutters for 25% off. Woop wopp!

We’re cleaning!! Many things will get added to the sale through the month, and we don’t even know everything yet!!

We’ll see you at Stone Leaf this month when you take advantage of great sale priced items. Shop early for the best selection, many sale items are very limited in quantity. As always, clay of the Month is limited to 100# and no sale items are combinable with other offers or discounts. Shop early in the month for the best selection.

Our discount pricing on these items is not combinable or in lieu of other arranged discounts. All sales are final. Sale items are limited to in stock inventory. All sales run from March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017 and discounts will not be applied to sales prior to March 1, 2017 or after March 31, 2017.