Larry, the L & L Kiln

Larry, Stone Leaf's L & L Kiln

We have all types of kilns here at Stone Leaf. As Denver’s longest operating clay supplier, we love to be able to use what we sell, and selling kilns in Denver means having one of everything, like our L & L with some pretty awesome features.


Geography aside, we love many things about our L & L kiln, who we call Larry.

Before you even get an L & L Kiln OR if you have one: I’d like to direct your browser to L & L’s website:  I recently had the privilege of listening to Stephen Lewicki talk about the technical information on L & L’s site; I was astounded. Found under the “Support” button on L & L’s site is a plethora of information: cautions, videos, PDFs, electrical specs, info on discontinued kiln models, warranty information, and technical support. Hours & hours can be spent here learning.

Here are a few of our favorite things about Larry the L & L:

Hard Brick Element Holders – allow elements to sit in correct position and take away the stress of pinning in and un-pinning to take out old elements and put in new ones: your bricks just don’t degrade.

Encased Thermocouples – thermocouples last longer, are protected from being whacked by kiln shelves or pots, and don’t shed into the kiln.

Easy to Fire – L & L includes basic programs on the face of the computer/controller.

Solid Peeps – made of refractory, which are solid, help hold the heat, and stay in place beautifully.

Every kiln is awesome, for it’s own reasons. This is why we love Larry.


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way.



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